2019 Men's Vision Fast

The vision fast will be held in the Colorado wilderness.  This land is an ally during this time.

JUNE 8-16, 2019

Have you thought about completing a vision fast but for one reason or another keep postponing it?  

The Colorado wilderness, myself, staff, and the men who participate in this event, will be the container for our time together. 

Even if you only complete one in your entire life I strongly urge you to consider a vision fast.

'Stories of Men, Meaning and Prayer - The Reconciliation of Heart and Soul in Modern Manhood'

Men, Meaning & Prayer-The Reconciliation of Heart and Soul in Modern Manhood 2nd Ed. now available.


With updated content and resources, I'm excited to re-release my book to new readers and those familiar with the original. 

Men, Meaning & Prayer 



Why Choose A Vision Fast?

Jeffrey speaks about why do a vision fast.

In a world with a vast array of comforts why spend time participating in a vision fast? 

That's a great question. In this video I share my experience, as both a student and guide, of this practice.  

Perhaps now is the time for you. 

About Jeffrey

Jeffrey Duvall has guided heart and soul based inspired men’s retreats for over twenty five years across the US and Canada. He co-created The Art of Leadership Program in Colorado, and has guided individuals and groups through a wide variety of life transitions. 

Through personal rites of passage work he offers support for people exploring and becoming more clear with the landscape of their internal heart and mind so they may broaden their self awareness and life choices. As a result, Jeffrey helps individuals create a practice of conscious heart-directed living. 

Whether it's a group or an individual, Jeffrey's work with people is about witnessing and being with what is.  These are eternal moments, ancient moments; moments of genius. Through the tool of deep listening, connections come alive through the meaning of ones life, and through the spirit of heart, soul, community and earth.

Much of his own personal inquiry and inspiration over the years has come from informed elders, those who have gone before, and those who were of the land long ago. 

Jeffrey lives in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado with his wife and son.

My brother is a wilderness, unknowable.

Sitting with the mountain, 

I gain strength. 

A stability of soul

is transmitted. 

- Terry Tempest Williams

Tell me, 

what is it

you plan

to do

with your

one wild




- Mary Oliver

Out beyond ideas of right and wrong doing, there is a field.  I'll meet you there.  When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about.  Ideas, language, even the phrase "each other" doesn't make any sense.


- Jalaluddin Rumi



Jeffrey is a sensitive and gifted guide who is not afraid to step into the fire alongside you to explore the mystery of one’s soul and purpose. His impact on me, my father and my sons has been immeasurable.  

- Jonathan K.

I have been with so many teachers, in hundreds of programs and trainings, over decades of this life; including the best of the best. Jeffrey is my favorite group process facilitator and teacher of all-time. The awareness, from time spent with Jeffrey, stand the test of time. He models a generous, heartfelt listening.

- Rudy P.

Jeffrey has brought a compassionate and evolving understanding of the twists and turns of modern manhood to my personal work. I have a deep gratitude for how Jeffrey has worked to support my life and growth as a man, and I carry the memories of our time together in my heart, always.

- Eric H.

Jeffrey and his wisdom has helped demonstrate to me what it means to be a man, and what it takes to dance through this life with others and ourselves.

- Ron N.

Jeffrey leads not by what he says, but by how he treats others.  His unending patience and endurance for all of what it means to be human is a rare gift in our modern times.

- Jonathan H.

As a result of his kind and attentive leadership, I experienced a level of trust both unfamiliar and exhilarating.

- Brandon D.

At 16 years old I attended my first Spirit Camp. I came to find out what my dad loved about Spirit Camp and why he was different coming home. Camp left me feeling spiritually enlightened. I entered manhood with Jeffrey's help, guidance and support through a Rite of Passage process. He has had a great impact on me, and is one of the wisest men I have ever met. 

- Charlie O.

On becoming a nanogenarian, and an aspiring centenarian, I look back to those who have impacted my long life. Leading the list is Jeffrey Duvall. He is a rare communicator and teacher who taught me the true meaning of being a Man, and changed my life, and those around me, for the better. Thank you, Jeffrey.

- Jerry K.

Jeffrey Duvall.....A man who’s touched the lives of many. A man whose truth allowed my truth to come forth. A man with whom I’ll sit side by side in any fire.

- Ron H.

When I came to my first Spirit Camp I had distrust of men, and had no self-worth or direction - let alone a connection with God. Jeffrey reminded me of the importance of a daily prayer life. In his book.....he taught me about forgiveness and letting go. Today I live a full life.

- David O.

Jeffrey carries with him great truths. With strong empathy, he practices the type of inclusion of others that leads to real peace. I’ve also noticed he believes in freedom of constructive expression of ALL our parts; including the shadow side. As a result nobody gets shamed. He also seems genuinely interested in looking at his own issues directly in the face. This dedication to authenticity makes me feel trusting around him and inspired to do my own uncomfortable work.

- Michael H.

Never has a man impacted my daily life as Jeffrey has. There are recurring daily routines that happily remind me of him often. If I was to choose one person to “be in a foxhole” with...it would be Jeffrey!

- Bob B.

I've sat in many different circles, and I've been around charlatans. Jeffrey has beautifully modeled, and helped restore my faith, in the role of "leader"; or "guide" as he refers to it. He will forever remain in my hall of exemplars.

- Thomas F.

Jeffrey Duvall is my model for leadership, love, and learning. He has helped me grow in ways that were not possible before. He helped me master a wide range of interpersonal challenges from being able to take a stand for myself to being open and accepting of people who are different or see the world differently from me. The wisdom he generously shares has powerfully affected me.

- Emilio D.

I first met Jeffrey at a men’s gathering in the Minnesota Boundary Waters. During the opening circle a request went out for someone to keep the fire burning throughout the night. In my exuberance I volunteered. With the other men asleep in their tents I was alone with the fire in the woods. I became scared and finally bailed out and went back to my tent. I  woke the next morning ashamed of my lack of “courage”. When I shared my experience with Jeffrey – expecting to be reprimanded – he said something I’ll never forget. “Thanks for taking care of yourself”. 25 years later those words and his friendship still bring tears of joy to my eyes.

- Ray G.

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Blessed be.