2018 Men's Vision Fast Information

2018 Mens Vision Fast

June 9-16, 2018

Even if you do it only once in your lifetime, please consider a vision fast.  Take a look at my event  scheduled in the Colorado wilderness.

'Men, Meaning and Prayer' book information

'Men, Meaning and Prayer'

My book is currently out of print, but will soon be available as an e-book early in 2018.  Please revisit this site to find out how to purchase.  Thank you.

Jeffrey speaks about why do a vision fast.

Why Do A Vision Fast?

In a world of amazing comforts why do a vision fast? That's a great question.  In this video, I share my experience, as both a student and guide of this practice.  


Jeffrey is a sensitive and gifted guide who is not afraid to step into the fire alongside you to explore the mystery of one’s soul and purpose. His impact on me, my father and my sons has been immeasurable.  

-Jonathan K.

Jeffrey and his wisdom has helped demonstrate to me what it means to be a man, and what it takes to dance through this life with others and ourselves.

-Ron N.

As a result of his kind and attentive leadership, I experienced a level of trust both unfamiliar and exhilarating.

-Brandon D.

At 16 years old I attended my first Spirit Camp. I came to find out what my dad loved about Spirit Camp and why he was different coming home. Camp left me feeling spiritually enlightened. I entered manhood with Jeffrey's help, guidance and support through a Rite of Passage process. He has had a great impact on me, and is one of the wisest men I have ever met. 

-Charlie O.

Jeffrey Duvall.....A man who’s touched the lives of many. A man whose truth allowed my truth to come forth. A man with whom I’ll sit side by side in any fire.

-Ron H.

When I came to my first Spirit Camp I had distrust of men, and had no self-worth or direction - let alone a connection with God. Jeffrey reminded me of the importance of a daily prayer life. In his book.....he taught me about forgiveness and letting go. Today I live a full life.

-David O.

Hope to see you soon! Blessed be.

- Jeffrey